1P4V and 2P4V series PRESSES

1P4V and 2P4V series PRESSES

These machines provide extremely reliable medium-speed precision stamping performance, ensuring long-life operation.The structure and frame benefit from our long experience, incorporating quality steels and design solutions that promote solid and robust construction as well as vibration absorption capacity.The eccentric shaft, which is the heart of the mechanism, is made from high-quality steel and supported by generously-sized bronze bushings. The guide block, which replaces the classic connecting rod and is  connected to the shaft, uses the reciprocating motion alone and re-transmits it to the thrust cylinders while always ensuring linear contact surfaces orthogonal to each other and eliminating side thrusts.

Variable stroke length versions are all equipped with a fully automatic stroke length change system that is selected from the control panel. The machine’s management system can store the stroke of the eccentric and the bolster plate-ram distance for each die used by the customer; through the program, the press will make the adjustments autonomously and ready itself for the new production cycle. A continuous forced lubrication system maintains key press components like shaft, guide block, mounts and guides lubricated, ensuring the proper temperature level through air-oil heat exchangers. In addition, the lubrication circuit ensures a uniform temperature between the ram and the bolster plate; this limits deformation of the die during processing.

The ram is dimensionally and structurally built for stiffness and lightness; the four posts and, on the upper portion, the thrust cylinders, guide it along the entire length of its travel. The upper portion of the posts incorporates four hydraulic cylinders that allow raising the machine body and widening the gap between the bolster plate and the ram to make it simple to replace the die and perform minor routine maintenance on it. Moreover, the mechanical stop of the four cylinders ensures a solid closed position, with precision to within hundredths of a millimetre even in the subsequent openings.

The electrical system meets modern standards, with encoders, plc, and active and passive safety devices all designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and the current technological evolutions. The electric cabinet containing control and power components is separated and can be placed in a convenient and safe place in the vicinity of the press. The press console shows all the information and controls, including stored stroke lengths and ram height, which can be called up and set automatically.

Current stroke, ram height, instant speed, oil and guide block temperature, filter blockage, die overload, and power absorbed by the motor are constantly displayed on the touch screen with related reports of exceeded set limits and history of emergency stops.

In addition, through our remote assistance service, we can check and service the press directly from our offices as well as perform software updates, any requested changes, and fault diagnosis. The press can also be connected with the departments in charge, enabling these to monitor production and communicate with operators on the plant floor.