Dimac Feeders


Dimac Feeders


We have been the official reseller of this first-rate Japanese brand in Europe for over 15 years.
These feeders are compact in design and offer extremely precise feeding, easy set-up and benchmark performance. The controller is installed in the upper portion of the body and with the addition of a few accessories it can be remoted or tilted to accommodate the operator’s needs. If a serious failure occurs, you simply remove and replace the damaged unit without the need to make any changes to the hardware or software. This means that downtime can be limited to a few minutes if a controller is kept in stock. The average set-up time is around 45 seconds. No specific training of the personnel is required and every machine series shares a similar construction philosophy; the only differences lie in the set-up and mechanics.

R and J Series Feeders for


R and J series feeders are the slowest in the range – up to 300 strokes per minute. They make it possible to feed larger strips, open the rolls pneumatically and can be linked to the press with mechanical or electronic cam system. The only required settings are pitch length, feed angle and press reference speed.

Roll feeder medium speed R20

Roll feeder medium speed J25

Roll feeder medium speed J06

Roll feeder medium speed R30

Roll feeder medium speed R50

H Series Feeders for


H series feeders are the fastest in the range – up to 1000 strokes per minute. They are supplied with their own encoder to ensure precision performance and speed, and roll opening is through an electromechanical solenoid system, which is immune to the inertial forces typical of pneumatic systems. A few additional settings are required, such as: roll pressure, start angle, pitch length, feed stop control angle, roll opening and closing angles, and press reference speed. Like for other feeders, the set-up only takes a few seconds.

Roll feeder high speed H25

Roll feeder high speed H13

Roll feeder high speed H07


The A, G, TG and T series offer functions such as: high speed and wide strip feed, use of finished size strips, and gripper feed. The same operating and set-up principles apply to these feeders.

Grip feeder

Twin roll feeders