Accessories. The following accessories are available for most feeders on offer:

  • DS6 Feed Reverse Unit, to change the strip’s feed direction.
  • MP6 Multilayer Unit, which allows feeding different lengths.
  • RC6 Remote control via cable, for easier strip-press adjustment.
  • Controller unit rotation system.
  • Special rolls: with different surface treatments, and with separate rolls.
  • Strip shortage sensor, to stop the press when out of strip.
  • Inlet rolls – Vertically adjustable support – Horizontally adjustable support

The electronic feeders offered by our company are all at the cutting edge of technology and compliant with European safety regulations.

Adjustable Bracket

Horizontal position adjustment system

Apron rolls

Optical short work sensor


Angle laydown control bracket

Wiring remote controller RC6

Wiring remote controller MP6

Wiring remote controller